Hey folks, LiveFlight seems to be having some issues with fetching data from the servers, it seems to be overloading on the website’s side. I can only go a few minutes with tracking my flight before I get that fullscreen error page, wondering if anyone else is having the same issue?


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As an update, it seems that I only have this issue when I’m actively tracking a player.

hi the website is working fine on my side

I use the app, but when I occasionally use the website I don’t experience this issue. It does however not load how much flight time i have from time to time. Maybe it is due to the traffic on the screen in that moment, especially during an event or FNF 🤷‍♂️

Hi, website still working fine on my side, just a minor issue when clicking on planes the aircraft info lags a few negligible moment, sticking on the previous plane I clicked.

Edit: It’s now loading as slow as…🤬

I always get this issue, not sure why either

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