I have two questions regarding liveflight.

What do the different colors mean?
Is liveflight using data from the moment in IF?

Purple = moderator
Light blue = staff/dev
Light red: Pilots that are not mods or staff

To answer your second question, yes. They are streaming and using the data of the servers of IF and displaying it.


Thanks for that. Why does it still say ghosts though?

In the stats if that’s what your referring to it gives you the amount of reports the user you’ve clicked on has accumulated in the last 3 days.

Yes thats what I mean. Why does it still say Ghosts though?

LiveFlight was last updated about a year ago so it’s just in need of some terminology updates

Alright. I wish that liveflight got updated though soon.

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Yup, I still love it though. Hopefully it will receive some tlc soon 🙃

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He is busy with more important development items, like Infinite Flight.

Yes I know. Infinite Flight comes first. It would be nice though if Live Flight got updated every once in awhile to be somewhat equal to what Infinite Flight is putting out in it’s updates.

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