Good evening guys. im currently doing a flight from london EGLL to Tokyo RJTT. and i am using liveflight to track my progress and ETA arrival as such. i have my flightplan set up and running from fpltoif. my only issue is it has flying EGLL - Flying VFR. is this a bug? i have version 2.3.6089. kind regards


LiveFlight sometimes takes time to update flight info. That, or there are a lot of missing waypoints in your plan that aren’t shown in LiveFlight.

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LiveFlight does this a lot - it takes a while sometimes for it to pick up your FPL

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Either you didn’t put RJTT as the final waypoint or just LiveFlight is acting up.

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it is. i double checked to make sure

True, for your ETA to show up, you need the airport as your final waypoint

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Then it’s most likely a bug with LiveFlight not getting infornation.

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It seems to happen all the time, maybe for now just select ETE to Dest in your flight, if you’re near your device, and add it up to the current time as of now ;)

its not a deal breaker as such, just something extra that i like to have and regularly use. it might pop up.

If you need an ETE, you can edit the hotbar at the bottom :)

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