Hi, I am trying to connect my joystick to IF and it isn’t working can I have some help please?

First, please tell us the joystick, the Tablet/Phone & PC you are using, and the Operating Systems that are currently being used on those devices.

Thrustmaster T.Flight hotas one, Dell, windows 10 and Samsung galaxy S9

The easiest solution is to not use LiveFlight Connect and connect the joystick directly through a USB OTG cable, but here are some follow-up questions anyways:
1.) Do you have “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” checked?
2.) Are both your devices on the same WiFi?
3.) Does that WiFi provide a strong & stable connection?

I have checked all of them and they are okay

I never asked: What’s the issue you are seeing? Is it that LFC stays on the black screen & seems to be continuously trying to connect or does an error message pop up.

It stays in the black screen and keeps trying

This would mean it’s an internet problem. The only further questions I would have is: Do you have a VPN enabled? There is a 99% chance that there is nothing wrong with LFC itself, since it’s trying it connect and not displaying an error message. So you may have to restart some devices & mess with connections, so let us know how it goes so we can provide more help if necessary.

Well I think what doesn’t help is I live with 5 other people so the wifi is never good

I tried to download live flight and it didn’t work, could u walk me through how u did it

This topic has all you need (I hope)

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Majority of issues are firewall related which we cannot troubleshoot remotely. You may need to turn your router off and on again or talk to someone who has access to your router settings.


Hi!!!check if your computer or notebook that is connected is public or private. if it is in the public it will not work. You have to select it privately ;)

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