LiveFlight vs Infinite Radar

@anon41771314 just lead me to and it is very similar to LiveFlight, but which is better?

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Each tracker is good in their own ways in my opinion


Every tracker is unique in its own ways, as mentioned above. I prefer LiveFlight personally due to the nicer UI (sorry @Qantas094).


I am Infinite Radar all the way, I just love the search bar and the speed and altitude graph.


Why not Map-Flight? You can use it on iOS, Andriod, Windows and MacOS.


ive never even heard of it… it looks great tho


You can’t miss it! It’s very nice to follow your flight.👍


it looks really good, but is any such better than the others ?

Mainly the difference between IR and map-flight/LiveFlight is the price.

Every feature of infinite Radar is free, there is and will never be a subscription.

Obviously as the developer of IR, I’d recommend trying it, but if you’re unsure just try all the trackers. They are all in development and updated frequently!


Is that an app? Do you have a link? Thanks!

IR is

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thank you and great job with it!

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i believe liveflight has an app

Thank you! It’s awesome to have so many great trackers available!

big facts :)

Keep in mind that you can make Infinite Radar an “app” just press add to home screen! Hope this helps.

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Map-Flight has iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS app,and if you are an IFATC Member or IFVARB VA/VO CEO, you can get a subscription for free!

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Dude… 😊

lol sounds great

the IFC is really great