LiveFlight Update

If you guys didn’t know, LiveFlight just had a HUGE update! I want to thank @Cameron for working hard on this, as it is now amazing!

LiveFlight Link:


nice, is it coming for the iOS app too?

I haven’t seen an update as of now. I just saw this whenever I went on LiveFlight and decided to share it, so I do not know. My guess is that Cameron has either sent it to Apple for review, he just hasn’t released it quite yet, or he has released it, but it is rolling out slowly, just like Infinite Flight updates.

iOS version not coming out quite yet. As you know Cameron’s main full-time job is now with Infinite Flight. He’ll work on the iOS side when he’s got some spare time. 🙂


Well there is your answer @ediks! Thanks @DeerCrusher for confirming!


It just enhanced my experience!

Where is the search field 😢
I was able to search for airports or flights before (on web interface)
No more sat map?

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The only issue I have with the new version is that the altitude and speeds and stuff like that doesn’t update automatically. You have to refresh the page for it to update.

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Thank you, this is very helpful! I had gone to live flight app and saw the changeand was not sure of what was going on. Interestingly I could not pull up flight info on my desktop but, I could on my tablet. The flight tracker is great.

Thanks for noticing folks, I replied with some context in another thread:


This is why competition is good for everyone, when InfiniteX was released everyone was shocked at how good it looked and how clean it was, but now as LiveFlight has got updated I think that LiveFlight is n the same level as InfiniteX based on the design and everything and loading time has got better

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@Cameron will this issue be fixed since it automatically updated in the old version?

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Yes i’ve seen it! It’s Amazing! Special thanks to @Cameron! Here’s a pic of it below!..

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I’ll try and look at some point; the old version estimated the altitude in between data points, it was only updating once every minute or so properly iirc


Ok, thank you for letting me know! I LOVE the new version by the way, and I think you did an AMAZING job on it! Keep up the great work!


Same! I agree! Well done @Cameron

Great work Cameron, it looks amazing.
I’m just missing the search field :/

I literally just saw it a couple of minutes ago and I was really impressed. Its like a mix of InfiniteX and Flightradar24. I looks really good! Prove me if i’m wrong but did they add all the photos too? (example: if a pilot was flying the A220, it would just show up as a couple of jet contrails in the sky)

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Let me say, I have enjoyed live flight and I have noticed lately infintex. Now I find myself using them both for various reasons. Your flight tracker is much better. Just want to know…Is there any possiblity to combine liveflightapp. with have the best of both? Whatever the case, I shall continue to use liveflightapp. I appreciate your work.

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