LiveFlight update?

I tried logging in to LiveFlight earlier and it said services were temporarily unavailable due to an ongoing update. I was wondering if anyone knew what the update was? I tried checking the App Store to see if there was any info, but there’s hasn’t been an app update.


It’s not an app update, just an infrastructure update to improve some backend performance in preparation for some app updates coming soon :)
Flights should be a bit faster to load on first open, and flight plans should be a little more accurate.

Still working on some things over the next few days (in case you see any issues)


Are there any plans for an android app? The browser version is not quite as convenient.

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Thanks for the info.

Every flight selection leads me to app crash… I think i found right here the reason ^^

i hope they added accurate plane names and pictures and not weird ufo planes or the 3 lines in the sky


Seems to be working at this time

Hopefully it can be re made soon! It’s a really handy tool to have and is used by many pilots!

The status of pilots is also missing. Is it in the fix?

Yes, that should be fixed now

I’ve pushed some fixes for the crashes. iOS app should be getting an update soon, sorry about that!


No plans for an Android app soon, sorry, I’m just maintaining the existing platforms for the time being. The web version is getting an upgrade to be much faster


My LiveFlight has become a lot slower to load and the flights are a lot more delayed. Is that a problem that needs to be fixed or just something with my device and will be fixed automatically?

It’s related to this:

Ah ok. Thanks though.

Thanks for the report, I think I have an idea of what’s causing that. I’ll push a fix now


Yep, it should be showing new data every 40s roughly now.

I’m working on further improvements for that in a bigger update that’s being worked on now


Hey Cameron,I also noticed another bug,just wanted to bring it to your attention. Whenever I click on A plane it somehow just disappears,it’s happened quite A lot of times,please look into it

Are you also working on implementing screenshots for every type of plane?

This has been there for a while, the rework update will solve that