LiveFlight update

Is LiveFlight ever going to get an update? It’s really annoying to always see the default old military plane instead of the actual plane.


Yes he’s going to be updated, just give it sometimes as the LiveFlight devs works in IF too but the update is coming soon :)

Actually, Cameron unfortunately no longer works on LiveFlight. I’d suggest using MapFlight which is updated!

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So LiveFlight will never get an update?

Does MapFlight have an app

Yes it does :)

Cam has told me in twitter dms that it is in need of updates and will be updated when he gets a chance.

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How long ago?

About a week or a week and a half ago

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Ah, thats great, hopefully it’s not long!

To my knowledge, Cameron is still running the LiveFlight app. Just not LiveFlight Connect.


That’s untrue. I would like to dedicate more time to LiveFlight to modernise it but things are busy for me right now


I’m dreaming of getting some improvements in LiveFlight Connect as well🙏🙏🙏

That’s not going to happen I’m afraid, sorry, it’s been deprecated since the start of the year :/

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I know about this dear but it was just a dream cause i use it with my joystick… It helped me a lot in improving my flying skills… The app itself is great but needs some improvements to prevent sudden freeze and disconnections… Thanks a lot for your efforts 🙏…

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I feel like I read that somewhere, probably I thought LiveFlight Connect meant it whole. 😂 Great to hear that your continueing to work on it!

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