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I have a question, I use a flight plan, but on Liveflight tracker it says that I am Flying VFR. How can you change it?

Or is it just a glitch? Since I retrieved my flight plan from Simbrief…

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You have to set the airport as your final waypoint.

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I added my final waypoint as EHAM, however, it still said that I did not have any flight plans hahah

Liveflight is not 100% accurate. It happens to me sometimes, and I just wait for it to process.

It takes a bit of time…


I am just going to depart then hahaha :-P… We will see how it goes ^^! Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, as @Czechoslovaki said, it takes a bit of time, and there are glitches where some waypoints also don’t show up. If You want some technical info then the bar at the bottom is Your best bet, where You can find everything necessary.

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If you have the waypoint set at the airport then it should just take a little while to load in does that to me all the time.

I find similar problems like this as well. Once I was flying from egll-rpll and it said I had a waypoint in the middle of the Indian ocean adding another 4000 nm to my flight plan and 7 more hours onto my ete when I didnt

This is because there may be two waypoints with the same name

Why would there be? Surely that could lead to confusion in real life?

Or when filing a flight plan

Not really, they have different coordinates

I have a question, not related to the OP’s but still about LiveFlight, so I thought I’d ask. Whenever I’m flying, live flight says that I’m grade 5, but I’m actually grade 4. Anyone know why this is or how to fix it?

Yeah, I saw the same thing. When I was Grade 2, LiveFlight said I was Grade 3. Now that I’m Grade 3, it still just says Grade 3.

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