LiveFlight taking an L

Hello IFC, it seems LiveFlight is down for me and some others I asked, I’m unable to see any aircraft on the map, is anyone else experiencing this? Try taking a look for yourselves.



You’re not the only one. I am also having the same issue.


Same issue here as well!

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Same problem here. Probably just a server issue. Maybe it will fix itself after some time, it happened before. And if not, we can ask Cameron to take a look at it. Give it some time for now though, it’s 11:30pm in the UK 😴


At first I thought there had been a worldwide boycott on simulated jet fuel consumption, but it actually turned out to be the server.


Well I dont think he is in the UK haha

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Issue has resolved for me. Anyone else?

Yep working now, hopefully it stays this way,

Disregard, was working for a good minute or so…

Yea, same issue here, seems to be a server issue.

i tried now, but the problem is still here

working now!

it’s back for me but I aint trusting it 'till its on for at least 5 minutes


annnddd. It’s gone again…


yes, same for me

Guess who’s back… back again

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It has gone bye bye again. (I am not gonna speak 'till it’s back up officially)

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It’s working now, but my destination airport is saying ‘Flying VFR’ eventhough I have set the end point as an airport and there is a white line showing my flight path, before it turns into blue line. It usually will have blue from the start point. I’m guessing the white line was when the server was not working properly?? Maybe… I’m just guessing

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He was probably referring to the Developer who lives in the UK I believe.

Its out for me again, not sure what is up…