LiveFlight refuses to open every few days

LF, is currently going on its 10th minute of trying to open on my MRY12.2 MBP 13" (2020), in trail of liveflight not opening I was logged out of all my accounts on my computer, which seems to be a MRY12.2 issue that apple needs to fix, is this just liveflight not working well with a mac?

Hiya Mekhi! Hope you are doing well!
I think this may be just a device issue rather then a LiveFlight issue, noting that your other applications were affected as well. Some top suggestions of mine would be to maybe clear some storage to hopefully expedite processing speeds of your device. Another may be to check your internet connection, which I think is probably not the problem here looking at the issues your other applications were facing as well. And lastly, I would contact Apple support and/or take your device to an Apple Store to receive expert assistance in that regard. Furthermore, since your issue is more device-related, Iā€™m not sure myself or my peers here at Infinite Flight would be able to assist you as effectively as official Apple (device) support.

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