LiveFlight Question (VFR Shown)

Hello guys, and specifically Cam!

So I have recently devoted to my first ever flight longer than 4 hours. I am landing KDEN - RJAA and I’ve been using LiveFlight to keep track on things. Except that for the majority of time inflight, it tells me I’m flying VFR despite having a well documented flight plan.
I finally got it to work 10 hours after I took off when I woke up in the morning and checked it. For maybe 5 minutes it showed my entire flight and worked great. I checked when I’d be landing, etc. And then it vanished and went back to showing me VFR. This is disappointing as I would love to use it for every single long flight as its purpose was.
I’m just curious if it is something I need to edit on my end, a problem with LiveFlight, etc.

Sorry if this has been answered a million times but I couldn’t find one answering it. Lol or I’m just a bad looker. Thanks Cam!

Its on LiveFlights end. Cameron and his beautiful team know about the issue… I wont speculate on if they have a fix yet though :)

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