Liveflight Problems

Liveflight will allow me to view Expert and Casual but whenever I go on TS1 it will not work, It just shows me airports and no planes. I have reinstalled the app. I have tried my laptop. It will not work. Phone specs: Iphone 10 64 GB.

It is probably from Liveflight itself, not your phone/laptop. I tried it too and it doesn’t work for me either.

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Maybe it’s a API bug or something.

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I was supposed to track a flight today, :/.
They wont change server’s since the flight already took off.

It sounds to me like the tracker might not be able to handle such a big load of planes…

Edit: I may be having the same problem on an iPhone 8.

Maybe, but this is so annoying.

Wrong things always happen at the wrong time for me.

I don’t think that. Expert server and casual server are working on Liveflight.
It is as @Nate_Schneller said, too much for Liveflight.

Your right, it could be a overload too.

Anyone flying on Expert? I kinda wanna track flights.

Or casual for that matter.

I have same problems with live flight,in Expert Server.

Sorry about this, it’s running slower than usual for some reason - it should still load flights though. I’m keeping an eye on it.

TS1 is back up! woo!

Its back down again.

Problem with LiveFlight itself. I’m sure Cam will get onto it if he isn’t sleeping

He said its running slow, already.

Made a few changes, will keep an eye out but should be a bit better now…

And it works now thanks!

expect casual is now down