Liveflight Problems- not set


Today I am flying from KORD-TNCM.
I figured I may as well go on liveflight to see my arrival time so i can plan around then. Although, recently when i have been tracking my flights it shows up with this:

Can someone help? thank you

Hi there! Do you have the actual airport in your flight plan as a waypoint? It won’t register as an airport if it doesn’t have that.

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Yes, I have TNCM as a waypoint

I think after 20.1 it sometimes does that since it isn’t up to date with the STARs in app which may be affecting this. Cameron the head of the app may work a bit on this soon but is a little busy with support assistance but I can’t speak for him. :)

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Sometimes it takes time for it to load up. Took me one hour today (EHAM - KATL)

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Ok thank you
@infiniteflight_17 and @PilotChrisSG


Yeah, if you’re dest. airport is part of your STAR it doesn’t show. Just plot the airport again and then try it.

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The airport is not part of the STAR, but I reseted the fpl and it still says”not set”

Huh, yeah as said above, it’s probably and update thing.

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Okay thanks

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