LiveFlight problem

Well, I found a problem/bug idk.
It won’t show any pilots names… just a Pilot…

Hey @Shafran!

This is actually because the pilot doesn’t have their IFC forum account linked with their Infinite Flight account.

In LiveFlight’s API, If there’s no forum account linked, it will display as ‘Pilot’ (rather than a jumbled identifier code or no name at all)

In this screenshot above, you can see that Misha has his forum linked properly with Infinite Flight; thus his forum name shows.

Try searching around and see if you can find a pilot with their IFC linked. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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I’ve linked my account.
And everyone for me as PILOT.

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Sometimes it’ll uncheck it randomly. Can you go into settings and just ensure it’s checked?

In-app Settings > Live > Show User Name In Flight

Find Misha on LiveFlight (the blue icon - easy to spot). He’s currently flying over Tennessee in the United States. Does his username show for you?

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Hey @Shafran Have you logged in again with your infinite flight pro account? because if you register new you have to connect again to IFC your account i had the same problem before maybe i could pass you on :)

No i found why this is happens.
It’s only at Training Servers.
At expert it’s fine.
Can you find me at Moscow (Training) Wizz Air A320? and check it?

Yes Sure 👍🏻

I found you but It’s called pilot

Can you switch to other pilots… randomly

everyone is called pilot I think it’s a Little bug

told you :)

Your forum account isn’t linked properly. If it was, it would have your display name above the identifier (reference picture below)

Blue = Linked - Green = Unlinked

Prior to your next flight:

Restart app > In-app Settings > Live > Show User Name In Flight

^ Here’s a pilot on the Training Server with his IFC linked.

I’m working on an update to LiveFlight which should solve most of these issues - more info soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Wow, thank you so much for info! Good luck with your job!

Thank you dear .
Can’t wait for the new update .
The app need update for many things .

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