LiveFlight problem

Hello everyone,

My LiveFlight doesn’t work, it won’t load the planes.

I bought LiveFlight Horizon 5 days ago.

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Hey, i have the same problem.

@Mika I have the same Problem on computer liveflight. I think it’s bug right now.

Might want to tag @Cameron for this one

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It’s a shame that this is the second bug because I’ve bought LiveFlight Horizon for a month, I barely used it since the bugs

I don’t think it’s working for anyone right now. Don’t worry about your subscription, though. They always add on to it after things like this happen (I’m pretty sure they even give you extra days).


Happening to me too.

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We’ve had some issues over the weekend, I’m keeping an eye on it this week, sorry guys!


I’m experiencing long loading time and no planes loading on all servers

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Is this happening right now? It seems fine on my end

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Hey Cameron, i’m not experiencing any issues at all on my end. I used to have this type of problem a few months ago but for the past i think 2 months, it has been working perfectly fine. I have had no other issues last week and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary or wrong today either.

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It’s working now. All the aircraft are showing up fine.


I was* I’m on the app now and everything seems back to normal

It seems that the casual server loads the traffic but the training and experts show (me) no activity/traffic.

It still doesn’t work for me… and I’m doing Perth - London😂😕

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