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I love using LiveFlight as it is really fun tracking my flight and the flights around me, but my only problem is that when I have been using it for a while it starts lagging, It barely loads in any aircraft and takes for ever to load on one aircraft. I don’t think its my WiFi as everything else on my computer that is WiFi related works perfectly fine. Reloading the page doesnt help either. Some more evidence that it isn’t my wifi is that even when I use mobile data on my phone it still lags. I don’t know how to fix this and if anyone could offer some help I would be very thankful.


Spontaneously, this sounds like a RAM issue. LiveFlight is pretty heavy on the RAM as well as the processor due to something with Google Maps if I’m not entirely mistaken. I know Cameron is looking into optimizing as much as possible, but for now i do recommend you restart your browser a bit more often. Should smoothen things a bit

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Have you checked it today?

Try using the LiveFlight App on your Smartphone.

If the planes aren’t loading in the app as well, while using a different network than your computer, it’s probably a problem with LiveFlights servers. That happens occasionally.

Alright will try that out

Thanks! I will try that out the next time I use it.

Yes I have, In fact I was on it when I wrote that.

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