LiveFlight Problem (Language + FPL)

Friend from other countries who don’t have their phone in English (me in French) Who has this problem with Live Flight it’s like with Simbrief, when you have automatic translation and he has met your waypoints in translation (French) from your language and he encountered another waypoint at the other end of the globe

(The problem is the distance (10k NM) due to the Waypoint which is in Asia.)

This happens when two waypoints have the same name so it gets them mixed up. Not much you can do about it I’m afraid.

Okay, but it only does that to me on SimBrief. Not on IF

It does sometimes happen on IF when 2 way points from simbrief get mixed up. It doesn’t happen as often, but it still does.

The best you can do is flying there. Maybe you will discover another nature.

Yes, I already knew that but on LiveFlight it happens to me 1 flight out of 2 (approximately)

It works. But it was to know my arrival time at EGLL

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Use this website when Live Flight shows you weird ETA 😄!

Will only show flights on Expert Server


Like many have said, this is a common issue and nothing to do with the language setting in your phone. This occurs when two waypoint have the same name, and hence LiveFlight shows such a wacky flight plan. It is annoying, but it’s what the system entails.

Alright I hope it will resolve this problem.

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