LiveFlight previous flight track

Live Flight should have a feature similar to FlightAware where you can just enter

For example : Type in a Callsign into a search engine and it’ll pull up a list of flights that used that specific callsign used in the past.

Next, you look for your flight based on a date or time. Then you can see your flight plan


it can be like this but with the LiveFlight format which is google maps i believe.

This would be usefull in the case that you want to share where you were.

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This would be interesting because then I could do Cathay Pacific Flight 780 and attempt to recreate it as much as possible with the real flight plan

In case y’all don’t know what happened with Flight 780, here:

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Yea! You get the point!

  1. This is for a third party app, so it doesn’t belong in #features, it belongs in #thirdparty

  2. I discussed the idea of this a few months ago with @Hymenopus_Coronatus, the main developer behind Infinite Radar, and he said that Infinite Flight API doesn’t have the capabilities to look at previously flown flights



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I believe if this was for Infinite Flight flights, all the routes and data of the flight would have to be cached somewhere online, which would cost a lot of money and require a costly subscription to run.

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