LiveFlight planes do not appear in IF

Hello colleagues. Why do the planes I see in LiveFlight do not appear in the IF even though I fly somewhat in LiveFlight.

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This should be in #thirdparty and how are you viewing live flight?

Do the server types match? Casual, Training, Expert?

For example, now i’m flying from WSSS to YSSY on Expert mode, even in LiveFlight i see some planes near to me, in IF map doesn’t appear, so depends the server but all of those are in different servers, no one flies in the expert way like me !?

As @JuniorAviator said, is the LiveFlight tracker on Expert Server mode? You also might not be able to see yourself because you have your “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” setting off. This can be found in the “General” tab in your Infinite Flight settings. Use the image below as a guide :)

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Yes, LiveFlight tracker is on Expert mode and yes, infinite flight connect is enabled but i think that i’m not so clear, i tried to told that even in LiveFlight i see other players who are flying near to me, in game, I don’t see them on the map.
For exemple, that’s my flight, and the plane near to me, doesn’t appear in IF .

That plane on LiveFlight is actually quite far from you. It might seem like it’s near on LiveFlight, but it could be 100+ nm away from you in the game.

It’s likely due to the draw distance on the map in IF, or that particular aircraft nearest to you disconnected - there can be a bit of a delay between a pilot disconnecting from the server and the flight disappearing from LiveFlight

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