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Hi @Cameron,

while using LiveFlight Horizon now for a while it becomes more and more obvious that the Database it is referring to is way outdated now.

It beginns with numerous Waypoints that it can not display in flight plans despite they are in the IF navigation database.
And it continues with the Airports airfield maps. Those that it have are often not up to date to what Airport editors had contributed, and the newly added airports do show up, but have no map at all.

I use LiveFlight regularly and have a subscription cause it is one of the most important additions to IF and I know you are busy meanwhile at IF-LLC. But could you please update the database? It would make LiveFlight so much more enjoyable again.

Thanks in advance,
Tom, Airport editor


This should be in a Private Message!

Just send one to him and there’s no need to create a new topic :)

Personally I think this is a support request for a Third Party app.
And I do not think that there is a reason to keep that privat, to be honest you have not named one.
As you could see in the opening post others have liked the post, I assume they have the same issue. If everyone is doing all support requests privately this might spam a developers mailbox, and the developer has to a answere all of them if he want to let them know that he is working on it or why he is not.
With a public thread he just could give the status to everybody’s notice, and it could be closed as solved if so.
And at the end it is a Forum, it lives from public contributions and not from privat messages. There are topics that should kept privat like ghosting complaints, but a support request is a public affair. Please leave it to the developer to complain about publicity if he feels it should kept privat. You could have send me an PM about it as well, but you haven’t…


I am not going to say anything to argue (much), but the first few words of your topic are Hi (don’t want to tag him) Cameron. That pretty much shows you are contacting (specifically) him.

Also, his mailbox would be full anyways if he was tagged in every post (like he was tagged in yours), so putting it in a private message would only help.

I could’ve sent you a private message, but that would be using the same logic as what I explained so…

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Ok, those are arguments. I used the more personal format in my text cause I know he is the only developer, I would have done the same with epega, but never when I didn’t know the size of the team.
May be I just shouldn’t have tagged him cause I know it is not appreciated for the IF-LLC developers, but here he is the developer of LiveFlight and I didn’t connected this IF-LLC developer privilege with this position.

Let’s say it is an open letter to the third party developer.

Ok, but all I am saying is send him a private message which may get the issue addressed faster.

This will also prevent the forum getting clogged up as ThirdParty is for questions about these apps. This is not a question but a statement addressing an issue.

I completely agree with you! Some flight plans even show you are 16k+ away from your destination. Which I’m sure no plane in IF is capable of doing. Hope he can address these issues soon…


Completely with you here, Tom. I love using LiveFlight, and especially to get an exact time for when I’m going to land at my destination. However, when it shows a waypoint as being 16k nm away, that adds quite a bit of flight time and causes major inaccuracies.

Hope to see this fixed! :)


Waypoints were updated fairly recently but I will merge the latest changes again at some point this week. Airport charts not showing is a different issue which I’m still investigating - thanks for your patience!

If a waypoint is showing in another part of the world, this isn’t usually missing data, instead a waypoint conflict when building the flight plan (we only get a list of waypoint names and have to determine which ones correspond geographically). If this happens, send me a copy of the flight plan in LiveFlight versus that in Infinite Flight as it is useful for me to use to improve this :)


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