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My only home computer is a Linux laptop running a VirtualBox VM with guest OS Windows 7. (Have an SSD, so the virtual machine is pretty fast.) I would really love to run LiveFlight on Linux natively, but that’s not available at the moment. (What would it take for it to be available, I wonder?)

I made a first attempt at running LiveFlight on the Windows VM with Infinite Flight running on my iPhone 6+. But it never connected. At first I suspected that iptables was blocking some needed ports (I keep my machine pretty locked down). But after temporarily opening all ports to incoming traffic on my Linux host machine, it still didn’t work. Then I realized that even thought I was on the same LAN, I probably needed to connect via Wifi on my computer. But it still didn’t connect.

Anyways, I couldn’t spend much more time on this when I was trying, so I’ll put more effort into this in the coming days. Until then, I thought I’d post this to ask the community if anyone has successfully connected in a situation similar to mine? Or any other hints regarding running LiveFlight on Linux?

FYI, Noted some relevant discussion in this thread:


Contact @Cameron

I believe hes the developer of Live Flight!


Have you tried an Android iso?

Idk if there is one for Android lol

The OSX version has the source on github. I don’t know anything about Mac development, but I wonder if there’s any reason why Live Flight Connect definitely couldn’t be compiled for Linux (e.g., uses some Mac-only libraries or something). I’ve never written any Objective-C code, but it appears that Objective C can in general be compiled on Linux:

Well there is a tiny bit of linux in mac os but it wont hurt to explore and play with some lines and files

I also ment like try converting some files

There never has really been any demand for a Linux version which is why I didn’t build one (apart from not having enough time to do so). In theory, it should connect if you allow all traffic on iptables, but I suspect something else could be getting in the way…

Usual things to check for are the Windows firewall or if you’re connected to your router with IPv6 (Connect only runs properly on IPv4 for now). In case you want to experiment further, LiveFlight Connect needs port 15000 to listen in to broadcasts via UDP to get the IF device’s IP, and then 10111 to connect to IF properly.

Regarding compiling for Linux - I don’t think it’s possible with the macOS source as it’s a mix of Objective-C and Swift. It’s also quite tied into the UI as it is. Perhaps I could look into bringing it all into Swift, putting the UI into a separate target and seeing if it can compile for use in Linux (since Swift went open-source last year, there’s the ability to compile it for Ubuntu - not 100% sure on if it works for other distros).

Failing that, I’d just write a Python script which should be pretty simple… but I’m pretty stretched for time, unfortunately :)


Should my wired computer Live Flight Connect instance be able to connect with my wireless iPhone IF instance if they’re both connected to the same router?

In theory, if they are connected to the same router, it should work fine.

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