LiveFlight on Android?

Is it planned to bring LiveFlight to Android? I am asking because I am flying on an iPad and only have an Android phone besides that, and always if I want to look my current flight up, I have to go into Infinite Tracker which is just not as visually appealing (naming of start and destination, photo and general Design). That’s why I was wondering if there will be LiveFlight on Android or is there a way to get it on Android already?
Thanks for your help

Can’t speak to the development…but as a workaround in chrome, I just go to and add to home screen. Although it’s not an app, it’s a easy convenient way for me to get to Live Flight from the home screen on my Android phone.

The closest counterpart to LiveFlight is Infinite Tracker which is in the Play Store and made specifically for Android users to track flights. I’m 100% sure that the Devs have no plans of adding LiveFlight to Android as there already is an Android version.

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