LiveFlight not working

Hello how is everyone doing.hmm i just wanted to know if its only me today that LiveFlight ain’t working because I tried with different internet its not working maybe the servers are down let me know . Thanks :)



This problem is known for

It’s the same for all

I would use Infinitex

same me the work not

it is for best use it

Thanks a lot i will try it out .

Thanks I’ll try it out.

Sorry folks, an update went wrong it seems. I’ll get it back asap


Thank you so much .!

Should be back now, thanks for bearing with me! Bad timing when I was out for the weekend :)

I’ll probably deploy a new version of LiveFlight really soon since this one is way out of date


Wasnt liveflight stopped?

All I’m seeing is this Welcome Page when I attempt to load up the site. Is this a problem with my end?

Edit: when I cleared my cookies cache, it started working

I had the same issue but now it is working. i use this other site when livefight is not working.

The mobile app is working but not the desktop web version. Please don’t make me go
To that other IF tracker and pay them. Thought I think they’re cheaper

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