LiveFlight not working

I am on my computer and decided to retry as it previously stopped working, and it still doesn’t work. I also find that I can’t change the mode to satellite anymore. I don’t know if this is an ongoing problem or that it somehow maybe shut down for some web users, but I hope it isn’t that big of a problem as I use liveflight quite often!

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I think it’s a problem on your side because I’m having no issues with it. Do you have a stable connection?

Check your WiFi.

Sorry for late reply, my wifi is always full bars and the connection is strong.

Oh, thats odd. Try contacting @Cameron about the issue, I believe he’s one of the developers of LiveFlight.

Ok, I will!

Restart ur browser and or device.

@parson no need to mention Cameron. He is a busy person and like you said it’s a problem on his side not with live flight itself.

I have multiple times on mutiple different occasions. Still doesn’t work.

What browser are you using?


Would you mind trying chrome, safari, or Google? It could be due to a setting you have on within DuckDuckGo.

I have tried with chrome and google and it has worked even with duckduckgo before, until recently when it wouldn’t.

So your saying it won’t work on any of your browsers?

Correct. It sadly can’t be downloaded on android either so web would be the only way to view.

Odd. Is this problem only for live flight or other websites too?

Just liveflight

And usually a site informs me when I can’t access it because of my browser.

Well I’m sorry that’s about all I can help you with.

Thank you for your help though!

Sorry, I don’t think I can do much here. The current version of LiveFlight is in a maintenance-only status as there is a brand new version coming soon (rewritten from scratch so it shouldn’t have this issue).

If you can’t change your map to satellite, that indicates it’s potentially also an issue with your browser/network and how it interacts with Google. I would suggest a different browser and trying a different network in the meantime, I’m hoping the new update will launch shortly. Sorry!