LiveFlight not showing route

For some reason LiveFlight isn’t showing my route. I’ve had a Horizon subscription for a few months now and am enjoying the product but this is a huge drawback.

Can you send your route?

What do you mean by this?

Just the route you have typed in IF

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Well I haven’t memorised it, no. And I’m away from home right now.

Ok, I think that problem is that you haven’t connected the departure and arrival airport on your route. (For example, EGLL RINIS EHAM is the route from London Heathrow to Amsterdam. When you only have RINIS in your route, the airports doesn’t show up in LiveFlight).

I have connected the route, the issue doesn’t lie with me.

It’s a bug/glitch. I just opened LiveFlight and I see that more people have this problem.


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If you’re having an issue like this, send us a screenshot of your flight plan and a link to your flight in LiveFlight to

We only get the names of the waypoints in your flight plan in Infinite Flight, and sometimes we don’t have the data to match them and build it in LiveFlight. If you send us this info I’ll look into it - it’s continually being improved :)


@Cameron seems to be working now. Thanks! :)

One thing- that ETA seems way off…

Glad to hear! If it happens again, let me know the info above and I can look into it (would love to find the source). Cheers!


What about the eta? It seems a bit off

Ah yeah - that’s another odd one I’m looking into (as mentioned, I’m given the names of the waypoints and need to find/interpolate everything else).

Could you send me a link to the flight in LiveFlight so I can check it out? Thanks!

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Here’s the link

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From my experience LiveFlight do not work from the begining. I always have problem with flight plan, with origin and destination and also with position of waypoints.

For example yesterday my flight from LKPR to KJFk was not show route, waypoint nor origin and destination. Also plotted route was failed because not showing curves, only very long lines not corresponding to real route travelled.

It si very sad because idea of LiveFlight is very good. I think IF team must buy this project and finalised to FR24 quality and add inter plane comm.

As mentioned above, this is something I’m continually improving and would love it if you could let me know when this happens:

Dear Cameron, this happen for example just now, please look at Expert server:

First few flights I’ve clicked on have had their flight plans load correctly - if you can send me an example of one that works in IF and not in LiveFlight, that would help me reproduce the issue on my end :)

The “straight lines” is something I introduced last week making some optimisations… trying to find what’s causing that and will try and fix tonight. Sorry!

I give you link to my flight, I am Lufthansa Super Heavy Extra and have now flight plan, you can check no. I am 6+ hours in the air.

I’ve been having an issue with LiveFlight as well. As I start descent, it doesn’t save the track and altitude, so it looks like this…


Here’s a link for reference:

It also says I am 340 NM out, when I’m really 85 NM out.