LiveFlight Not Showing Flight Plan and destination airport

Hi there,
I’m currently in a flight from Glasgow to Washington Dulles. LiveFlight doesn’t seem to show my flightplan. I’ve tried removing the flight plan and adding it and it still doesn’t work. Please help. Below is my flight (training server)

@Buttermachine737 I did

Well I don’t know why it’s doing that, it sometimes does that to me, too. Might just be a bug with the app or something.

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@jason Do you have a specific waypoint on Washington Dulles? You need to make sure you have that. You can always add STAR’s as you approach… but keep a waypoint on the Airport.

If you want to be realistic :) you could also create a missed approach plan after that… :) Although ATC usally helps with that.

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I’ve got this issue multiple times in my flights. I guess it could be perhaps server overload or the new navigation tricking the site. But I don’t know for sure.

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It’s a bit slower with the traffic, I’m working on it. Sometimes the IF API isn’t returning the flight plans and it’s not being processed correctly on my end. Will keep improving it, thanks for the feedback!

i do. I’ll try adding a missed approach fp

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Thank you for helping me! It will be great its fixed in the next few hours

UPDATE: It’s fixed! Thank you to everyone that helped me! @Cameron


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