LiveFlight not loading

Liveflight is just stuck on this screen and won’t load anything except ads which I paid to have removed.

  • My Internet is working fine
  • Infinite Flight’s servers are running fine
  • I have repeatedly re-opened the app
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Oh, and this just popped up:

I think @MishaCamp may be your guy…

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Probably a temporary issue.

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I had this same issue yesterday and found out that it was likely scaling up. I closed the app out a few times then waited a few minutes before it finally came to. Give those a shot and see if it does anything.


Technical issues, tag me :)

It’s working for me now - this may happen temporarily if something is scaling up. I’ll work on improving how this is handled in the app, as if the connection fails, you may need to restart the app right now. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Oh, sorry, I had always thougjt of him as the “liveFlight guy” but thanks for the heads up!


He’s handling the social media, but I’m the guy locked in the server room 🤐


Thats probably why I thought of him, hope you have a window… 😂


Don’t forget your awesome designer and translator 😜

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