LiveFlight not displaying Aircraft

I can’t see any aircraft when I put in a filter for “BAVA”. I have tried uppercase and lowercase. It can find other aircraft but it won’t find BAVA aircraft. My callsign is BAVA395 and it won’t pick me up.

Clear your filters, then try another server.

Are you sure you are checking the right server?

I mean, I can see you on Expert flying a BAW 777-300ER… but from your Screenshot it looks like you are displaying TS perhaps? Considering that DXB and LHR is not active with ATC on Expert today… but they’re orange on yours…

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You’re right. It was TS. But I’ve tried expert and the plane icon doesn’t load…

Hmm… try following, maybe they’ll help.

  • Restart the app.
  • Switch to a WiFi connection. (I see you are using 4G)
  • Restart your phone.
  • Uninstall/Re-Install the app.

If none works then proceed on to clearing cache for the app.

If all fails then I’m sorry but someone else may have a solution :)

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A app restart works for me with LiveFlight all the time, I believe that’s the best option.

You have a filter on (the 1 at the top right being the indicator) that is why aircraft are not showing up. Click that menu icon at the top right, then go to filters and at the bottom it says “Clear All Filters”. Once you clear all filters the problem will go away.

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Please read the main topic- I mentioned how I was using a filter to display BAVA aircraft only.

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