LiveFlight - New Update, New Stats!

Well, time for another update!


New in LiveFlight:

  • view the duration and distance travelled during your flight!
  • ATC ops count when you tap on a user
  • flights outside of a region are always shown, even when zoomed out
  • tapping on an aircraft changes its color
  • 90% faster at loading flights and ATC!
  • performance issues addressed and bugs squashed

Available at now :).


Looks Great Cameron! Thanks :) ;)

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4024 ops, its great!

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@carmalonso thanks man it’s faster now. Is there any chance you can turn this into app? Some partnership with IF. Have little ads at the button for start? Also can you implement profile picture in the stat window. 👍 can you pull data from forum. Just IF server?

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iOS app will come soon (won’t have ads, but will be paid) - should sport many new features that won’t be seen on web :).

I can’t really pull data from the forum easily right now so that bit might not be possible - will keep an eye out though!


The reason I asked for profile pic, is not easy to recognise people with name and call sign😁. Hope you get chance to do that soon. Thanks Ooh can you ask people to sign up to your app with same Google/Facebook username they signed up with Live then you can merge the data from IF server plus the profile data you got right to use from Google/Facebook. Possible? I’m not technical person. Just curious.

Possible, but would require some work from FDS’s end too - I have actually thought of something like this and it would be cool to have!


@carmalonso more request😀😀 can you create list view in the app. So we can find the buddy and just see him on the map. 👍

@AxelBeder requested something similar the other day, it’s something I’m working on :)

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@carmalonso on Safari 8.0.7 (10600.7.12) running on OS X 10.10.4 (Yosemite) the aircraft movements seem to be running about 3-4x faster than “real” (ie: compared to what I see in-app). If I have clicked on a plane so I’m seeing its flown track, the plane icon zooms away from the track. Then every 10-15 seconds or so the view blinks and the plan icons are put back in place, only to accelerate ahead again.

Chrome doesn’t seem to have that problem.


Hi Josh, sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue - but thanks for the very detailed bug report (much appreciated!) :).

After some time, aircraft do appear to go faster than they are really going (my dead reckoning seems to lose accuracy after time, something I have to look at soon). When a user taps on the icon, it fetches data about its trail from another source, which gives me more up-to-date location data (I subsequently move the marker to that position), but I assume the data source from which I get the original data doesn’t update as quickly…

I will have a look this week and I’ll get back to you on this, thanks! :).

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No - in LiveFlight, when you tap on your aircraft, it will change colour so you know what plane you tapped.

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Sorry for that stupid question but when is the website update?

This is my list of things to fix

  • Flighttime duration bug
  • Distance earned bug
  • Flightpath doesn’t display of PG & FF
  • Plane box to put in another place so we can see the full map without a big white box
  • Plane disappear after few seconds on Chrome (work perfectly? ^^)

i know you’re very busy with Liveflight Connect and Liveflight iOS app but i hope to get a good LiveFlight update :)

sorry for bump a 6 months topic…

It’s coming soon, making good progress on it :)