LiveFlight Merchandise! (and sneak peak)

Hey guys!

If you enjoy using LiveFlight and want to help us out, then check out our new merchandise at :)

Developing LiveFlight takes a lot of time (and costs me a fair amount to keep running too), any support received will be greatly appreciated!

Currently there is a nice collection of American Apparel t-shirts, available in various sizes and 3 awesome colours.


We’ve also got an offer that expires tomorrow (Friday 4th): 10% off for FlightCast listeners when using the coupon flightcast - check it out!

I really appreciate any support - thanks guys :)

Update on progress:

Been working hard on several fronts recently, including the new version of Tracker. Completely rewritten from the ground up, this version will add some cool new features, as well as fixing many existing annoyances:

(still needing a lot of work, but I’m getting there… - couple of features missing from this pic) :)


You can get those T-Shirts with ‘Dushy’ on the back. Add $2 to your order and quote ‘BERG’ at the checkout.

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What? Wouldn’t recommend that… :)

Cameron, nice T-Shirts

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I feel discriminated. there is no XXXXXXXXL size. Wow.

@carmalonso, more sneak peaks please.

And XXXXXXXXS for Henrik. :(


Sorry I’ll speak to the manufacturer… Never knew you were that big.


Great Merchandise, and I love the new GUI, very excited for new update to LiveFlight.

Great work, @carmalonso

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Thanks Maxim! Looking forward to releasing this now :)

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Nice! Any sneak peeks? ;)

I only buy T-Shirts that say “I’m a Boeing to Paine” or “I have nothing Tolouse” ;)

Anyway! Great Idea Cam!! Who do you hire to make them? :D

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American Apparel.

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You have nothing Tolouse buying one of these!

@DavidCutler likes to think he makes them… so he feels important…


Thanks @carmalonso for making these awesome t-shirts. They’re great! :)

The packaging is fabulous too! ;)


Awesome! Enjoy it, and thanks for your support :)


Did you release a price?

I bought the $25 shirt. It totals to around $28-29 if you include shipping fees.

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Ok thank you!

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That’s the first time I’ve seen higher prices for larger sizes.

Well, I’m sorry if it disappoints you, but my manufacturer handles this, not me. Bear in mind that more material = larger surface area = higher cost as well as potentially dedicated equipment to print on this.