LiveFlight keeps showing "Flying VFR" for my plane only

My flight
I’ve had this glitch numerous times before. Now, I am flying to PHX, but it keeps showing “Flying VFR” as the destination. It doesn’t even show “Processing FPL” like it should do at first. I know I selected PHX as the arrival airport, it shows it in my FPL, but it’s still not showing up in LiveFlight. Is it something I’m doing wrong, or is anyone else experiencing this?


This has been an ongoing Issue and @Cameron (Cam) has said he will fix this when he has time.

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He said he fixed that issue. For other planes, it shows “Processing FPL” and then a few seconds later it comes up, but mine always stays on “Flying VFR”.

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Oh well lets wait and see what Cam says 😉🙂👍🏾.

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I’ve had this exact same issue, I was doing FrA-Taipei and it worked once then, but I’m flying from Dallas to Dubai right now and it isn’t working. It worked once for me in another flight.

It goes from loading, to no FPL, but the departure airport is listed.


This issue is coming and going, I’d expect some time before it gets fixed completely considering the massive size of all the waypoints.

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From what I’ve seen it usually happens if Infinite Flight returns an empty flight plan - I will try and improve it so it persists the flight plan if this happens, although sometimes it’d be hard to know if the FPL has just been deleted… I’ll keep looking :)


Thank you for the response!

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And there is our answer! Thanks allot 📸


Just spawned in at RJAA, input DEN in my flight plan and it still shows “Flying VFR”! :/

Is your flight plan ending at that airport, perhaps maybe if you are flying to KLAX, get the plan to the airport, and at the end click KLAX, and hit +, then IF and Live flight will know what airport you’re flying into

That’s exactly what I am doing but with DEN

This is a pain! I want to be able to see when my estimated arrival time is. I get that he only has so much time, but as a Horizon subscriber, I’d love to be able to actually use Liveflight as it’s intended.

LiveFlight is intended to be used as a flight tracker - tracking flights still works :)

That being said, I’m looking into this issue.


That’s true. Not trying to bash your hard work! I appreciate what you do. Just a little bit frustrated as one of my most used features isn’t working. I get that there’s only a certain amount of time in the day, and I appreciate you looking into it. Apologies if I came across as ungrateful or resentful of you.

Not at all, it’s fine. Appreciate your support and how frustrating this is.

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