LiveFlight June Update - Now Available!

LiveFlight Update!

Hey guys! LiveFlight for iOS 1.3 has just been approved by Apple and is now available on the App Store. First of all, yay! Second of all, go and check it out! We have added a whole host of new features, as well as the normal bug crunching super extermination side of an update. We hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to leave a review on the App Store!

What’s new in LiveFlight for iOS (1.3):

• Added Flight Alerts - receive a push notification when any flight is at a certain distance or time from its destination. This is an experimental feature for Horizon subscribers, and we’d love to hear your feedback on social media!

• Added filter saving - LiveFlight will now remember the filters you have set when you restart the app. This includes support for multiple filters!

• Added Departure and Arrival boards for airports - easily see which flights have departed or are inbound within the next hour (flights must have valid flight plan).

• Added Departure and Destination airport filters. You can now see all the aircraft heading too or from an airport. This is great for tracking events such as the Friday Night Flight!

Minor Fixes

Improved loading times for airports and charts, minor bug fixes and performance improvements, and a whole host of love and affection.

Have a favourite bug you’d like to see featured in this list? We’d love to fix it! Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@liveflightapp) or via!


That About section though…

Thanks fellas! New review coming your way.


Awesome update! 😎👏

Loving the new features, they are working well so far. Time to update my review!


Thanks Thomas, much appreciated!


Great ideas, unfortunately at the time I am not a subscriber, but hopefully soon because there are some awesome features…


Will LiveFlight sometimes be available on Android?

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Great Update!

Love the new Flight Alert feature as well as how aircraft are scaled down when I zoom out so it’s much more clear to see the number of aircraft in an airspace.


Awesome update! Shame it isnt on android yet :)


For now, maybe (:


See above!


Glad you like it. It cleans the screen up much more indeed!


I left a review for you, truly amazing work you are doing Cam, I am left surprised with every update at what you have accomplished. Keep it up!


Was the Crj-700 added in this update?

We added this a couple of weeks ago already, it was updated remotely :)


Amazing! Flight alerts are my favorite! Time to go give 5 stars on the review! Keep up the great work LiveFlight Staff :)


Thanks everyone, we really appreciate your support! More cool stuff coming soon :)


Love the new additions and effort put forth on this app, my favourite third party for IF for sure! Updating my 5 Star Review!

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Wow time to update my review. I think out of all of that the departure and arrival board intrigues me the most. Nicely done as usual.

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Cheers! Cam put a lot of work into the codey blah blah side of this. It’s nice to see it’s paid off so far!

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Flight Alerts are possibel at the web version ?