Liveflight joystick question

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I didn’t post this in support because there is no issue with my Infinite Flight. I am sorry if there is a solution to this question already out there. I spent some time browsing for one and couldn’t seem to find anything. I was hoping someone out there could help me. I have connected my joystick via Live flight and IF picks it up and it is working great! My issue is that Liveflight on the PC doesn’t have a joystick tab so I can’t save the functions I programmed. Is there a way to get livefliight to recognize the stick so I can save all the commands? I created the commands in infinite flight but lose then after each flight.
screen shot attached

Thank you!!

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Hello! There isn’t a ‘Save commands’ feature from what I know. You have to put in the new controls after every flight, don’t worry though, I feel ya. Maybe one day that’ll be a feature. :)

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