LiveFlight Issues

Hey IFC,

I saw a post yesterday I believe related to the same issue, but I think it’s been closed. I’ve been trying to use LiveFlight to track my flight upstairs while I work downstairs and it seems like not all the aircraft are showing up, only a select few. Everything seems to be working fine on the training server and the casual server, but not for the expert server… I wonder if this has to do with the Infinite Flight server issues we had yesterday with the release of Infinite Flight v20.1?

If someone who knows the website and/or the issue could help me out, that’d be awesome!

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I believe Live Flight can’t handle the large load either. IT has nothing to do with IF’s servers. Live Flight just can’t handle all the aircraft that it is trying to track.

Ah I see. I refreshed the page and it showed all the aircraft for a minute until I zoomed out and it stopped working again :/

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Yeah, it has its’ own servers that are probably not prepared to handle what has happened in the past day or two.

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I have experienced that too!

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That’s happening to me too, I thought that was only happening to me


I am experiencing these issues as well. It seems that the server spasms out at just the right moments for me, like pushback or takeoff. I loose the nuance and the fine detailing of my exact flight path that I used to get with this app prior to v20.1.

Is there a fix? I though the servers were revamped yesterday as well?

I’m keeping an eye on it and kicking the server every so often, things are maxing out and need reworked at some point to deal with this new level of traffic. Thanks everyone :)

(please PM me if it’s working for you at any time and I can take a look)


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