LiveFlight issue

Hello, A few days ago I noticed an issue with LiveFlight app, I thought it’s momentary, but still exist (I checked on two devices). There’s no users data - only „Unavailable”.


Known issue, I’m working a rework for LiveFlight which will solve this. Sorry for the inconvenience!


@Cameron Is there any chance to get LiveFlight Connect fix? It’s a great app for a joystick support… Just need to fix the sudden disconnection issues… I hope that; cause my experience in IF has been deteriorated lately due to surprises of this app… Just a hope in 2021🙄

LiveFlight Connect is deprecated and won’t be updated by me anymore. The code is open source though, so anybody is welcome to take it on :)

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Thanks for explain @Cameron ! 😊

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Ooooooh so it’s a temporarily issue? And everyone has it? Damn I’m relieved to hear that cuz I couldn’t find out why it didn’t work. Any idea when it will be fixed?

We don’t know but we will wait also welcome to the community

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According to Cameroon’s reply above he’ll not update it anymore which means that the joystick usage experience in IF won’t be enjoyable and subject to sudden disconnections…

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So what your saying is that it has to be fixed but if no one will fix it we won’t be able to fly with joysticks? He also said something about ‘the code is open’. Does that mean that anyone can fix it?

Yes, the code is open if anybody wants to fix it. I don’t have the time/bandwidth to maintain it anymore unfortunately (last update was a few years ago)

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So LiveFlight will still receive updates? Just not live flight connect?

Yes, that’s correct. I’m updating LiveFlight (the tracker) to modernise it


Oké, well I don’t know anything about IT things but I got a friend who is quite good with computers. Is that enough to try or do you have to have al lot of experience?

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I’m not sure, that’s up to them :)

It is all here if you want to send them the link:


Yes! Anyone can reach it and work on it if he/she can

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