LiveFlight issue

When I try to look around the infinite flight servers with live flight, this pops up and when I press ok after a few seconds it pops up again. What do I do?
My wifi and connection is working just fine as well.

I think it happens when the app has been running in the background for too long. Restarting the app should do it.


Interesting. Thanks for the help. The error code only seems to come when I have had the app open for a while. Thx @Manav_Suri

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All good. I think this is called a ‘time-out’. If you subscribe to LF Horizon, you shouldn’t be seeing it anymore. Do not take my word for it just yet though. I have Horizon and LF is mostly in the background for me but I do not see that error anymore.

Hey Liam, can you try a different network and let me know if you’re still getting these errors? They shouldn’t be happening unless something is being blocked between LiveFlight and your device. Cheers :)

Ok I’ll have a look

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