LiveFlight Issue


For me, I can’t get any arrival airport to show up for the past 3 days. Any tips?


Have you tried waiting lol… It takes a little bit to load in the FPL

Not working for me either

Yes. I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes now.

Does it get to where it says [Processing FPL] or not?

Oh hold up it’s working after a long time loading… Weird.

Strange because I have extremely fast internet.

Nope just stopped working again.

I just flushed the database which should solve this for the time being. Otherwise, I’ll look next week (new years and all…) :)


Whenever this happens to me, refreshing the page fixes it. If that doesn’t work, I try my best to ignore it.

Yes I have the same issue! Try clearing your globe cache (in settings) this normally works for me. I’m assuming you’ve Tried this, In the meantime all you can do is wait for a fix.

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