LiveFlight is so slow and unresponsive (browser version)

As I said in the title the website version of feels so slow and unresponsive. Trying to move from a location to another feels like I’m waiting forever, and when it finally moves the animations are very laggy. Anybody having the same problems and found a fix?

PS: My PC has pretty good specs so the problem can’t come from my PC performances.

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For me it’s a bit slow but nothing like what you are describing. I find the response times on the slow side but alright. Is hardware acceleration turned on (though I don’t think that has a role to play)?

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Yes, hardware acceleration is turned on. I’m using google chrome as a browser if that helps.

Oh okay. If you haven’t already then try using LiveFlight in incognito mode. Maybe the cookies, cache have a role to play

I just tried it and it became a lot faster than before. Although it has a little bit of delay with animations, I can still use it.

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