LiveFlight Horizon includes

How I can use LiveFlight Horizon
[Download KML files]
[Scrutinise your flight in Google Earth]

You can use LiveFlight Horizon by purchasing it for $2.99 USD per month.

It includes:

Worldwide airport information
Weather, runway and controller info.
Interactive Airport Charts
Plan taxi routes with ease.
Flight Alerts
Get alerts on the progress of your flight.
For flights, active ATC frequencies and airports.
Realistic Aircraft Icons
Easily distinguish different aircraft.
Download KML files
Scrutinise your flight in Google Earth.
Access On Any Device
Experience Horizon on the web and on iOS.
No more ads and much longer timeouts
You’ll also help to support a small developer :)


I knew …
but I mean this

That means you can download your flight data (flight plan) pretty much and you can get it to display in Google Earth. The KLM file is so you are able to open it in Google Earth.

Can you do it? Because I do not know how to do this

I don’t currently have LF Horizon and I’m not really sure how to do it but maybe this tutorial works for you.

If you use the web version of Google Earth go to the 1:00 minute. To download the file from LF simply click the download bottom in flight tab information when you click a plane.

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This is where you can download the KML file. From there simply double clicking the KML will most likely open it in Google Earth if it is installed. Otherwise use the steps above.

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