LiveFlight global possibilities

My Frontier website is having a bit of a glitch with our LiveFlight tracker.

But it got me thinking. This is probably what LiveFlight will look like (obviously with more aircraft) once Global comes out. Interesting


Why do we always have some problem with our website…


@Infinite.flight… Another Global Topic. Oh my aching Brain housing group!
Global, Global, Global, Global, Global etc. No more Please! I beg you and all the Global Mavins. Enough already! Gooday, Max


What if one spot of the map was always full like SoCal

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MaxSez: : look at any real world live flight App. All RW Hub’s and B,s are always cluttered air space. How many of the folk here who can’t pay the price for Global like Live+ will stop flying SoCal. Think!

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Round the world, it’s international all the time. You’re on Global Radio KGBL.


Just an interesting idea. I’m not asking for Global or begging or asking for anything related to it. Just noting an interesting idea

@Infinite.flight… I understand, but let’s move on fro copying and expanding on others initiatives. Originality is the sign of a mature fertile mind. Just saying. Trust me I believe you do excellent work when it’s your work and not a Segway to a worn out Topic or a bit of juvenile antics. Regards, Max


But everyone else is! It’s what makes a good flight simgame into an excellent one. Look at it like so.

-Aerofly2 has it in a roundabout way. You may not be able to land anywhere in the world besides NorCal, but you can leave the region freely and venture out into a featureless void if you so wish!

-Extreme Landings has it, though in a primitive fashion with a very simplistic atmosphere and geographical representation. But nonetheless you can fill up their A380 and fly halfway across the world, landing nearly empty after the fact.

The people have been clamoring for this and if you believe the hype and the teasers it is so close you can taste it! It only serves to fuel the fire.

Yeah most likely it will be so cool looking at we’re everyone is flying

I’m going to have this closed. Sorry @Maxmustang didn’t mean to create another dumb glboal topic. I hate seeing them as well I just thought this was different enough 👍🏼 Thanks for the feedback.

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