LiveFlight glitch?

Recently I’ve been seeing weird things with LiveFlight. I was just wondering if it’s something I don’t know or if it’s normal.

I spotted Laura at an airport on ts1, and less than an hour later, I spotted her on expert with the same plane, but after a flight that she had started a lot earlier. Her calsign changed from N2TG to N1TG.

Her are screenshots I took. Check the time you’ll see.

And later:

I also had something weird with Misha…
He was on expert server as grade 1. I tried to intercept him with a jet, but couldn’t find him even though I was clearly in the same place.
Misha as grade 1

And trying to find him with absolutely no success

(Do note the situation with Laura I have bad memory, but I think it’s the same day, otherwise it’s obvious she just did another flight. Might be my mistake though…)

More likely she have several accounts ;)


I thought that was an option. And would you know what happened to misha?

He said I had photoshopped it and that it wasn’t accurate… wonder what he’s hiding 🧐

(Note it isn’t photoshopped and others spotted this in community members spotted on live)

I saw him as a grade 4. I was thinking it could be something to do with the LiveFlight beta? Me and Misha are both running it and we both saw the grade 4, not 1. Would have been interesting to see if there was anyone running RTM who saw him as grade 4. Hmm. Still not sure why he didn’t show up on IF.

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Mine isn’t even loading up so 🤷‍♂️

If you change servers while an aircraft is selected, it causes weird glitches with the user’s data/datum and other things

Yea I know, it was just to show it was expert. I tried to see him with two different devices and he always showed as grade 1 on expert…

The Misha thing is because Misha is a rubbish pilot and got violations in the past few days - the Infinite Flight API sometimes takes a while to update data since it’s cached, which is why it may be showing him still as grade 1


Hmm never saw him flying I’ll try and see him😂

Thanks anyway. But how is it that I couldn’t find him in IF?

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I’ve seen the same kind of stuff

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What app did you use for that map for the first few images?

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LiveFlight. It’s for iOS.