LiveFlight for iOS - now available on the App Store for free!

Please live flight in a android

hehe :) enjoy!

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See my FAQ answer :)

Tank you Cameron.

Cameron and please next update add new turkish airports please.

There are about 20 version 10.50 released Turkish airports in the database (edited). They will be released in tandem with Global. Cameron’s charts are generated from the dat files we have produced during the edit phase. They are canned and ready to go. Airports with a brown background are old release images. Airports with green are fully fledged 10.50 edits.

Check here for what is currently release 10.50


Good work! @Cameron! I really like it!

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Included in LiveFlight Horizon!


3D planes?

Maybe more on that later :)


The suspense!

Great app. Quick question if I buy horizon on website for £1.99 then can i use that on my iPhone as well.

Yes I use on my phone and iPad


Thanks again, everyone, for the kind words on this thread!

Just a quick message to let you guys know I’ve pushed a hot fix to Apple:

  • New behind-the-scenes methods and improvements for better globe rendering performance, particularly when showing lots of aircraft.

  • Fixed an issue where LiveFlight would crash when tapping on some aircraft.

  • Solved an issue where aircraft would, at random times, zoom off the screen causing an app crash.

  • Fix for Google login: users logging in with Google will now always remain logged in (sometimes they would be magically logged out - this happens no more).

Hopefully this should make LiveFlight a bit more reliable when tracking flights over the Christmas break. Cheers, guys!


Great app @Cameron . So good to see IRL where you are and to track others around you. Well done 👍

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I guess the GIF ban doesn’t occur to moderators then :) Anyway, thank you for all the hard work you put into this. It really helps a lot of people. Great app!

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Lol this is a very important topic Ben, don’t you see? It actually is anyway… 😉

Thanks :) I didn’t even think of the gif thing to be honest as it’s what I posted on Facebook

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1.0.1 should be released! Check it out as soon as you guys get a chance :)