LiveFlight for iOS - now available on the App Store for free!

Not all of them. ;)

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I know not all of them :), just saying the ones that are ready :3

Nope, I have finished off a few which are still in the hopper. Hopefully Cam will sync these at weekend.

Kilt, You are too quick at editing them. Slow down and give your mouse a break, give it some cheese.

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I tried to subscribe to Horizon on the website with an American Express gift card (I tried different ones) but it didn’t work. It says processing, but then it goes back to the screen where it says subscribe to Horizon. Does Stripe not accept gift cards?

Gift cards should work, in theory. Is it showing you any error message?

Yes it says that I already have an active subscription, but I never subscribed

PM me the email address you use to sign in to LiveFlight and I’ll check this out for you :)

Hi @Cameron Is there any solution to this soon ?

Every Time when I switching from server to server always App crashing as you see.

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I’ve had people report this but I haven’t been able to repro myself, so thanks for the additional info :)

If it’s to do with switching servers, then I can definitely take a look into it for the next update. Hope it isn’t causing much inconvenience for now.


I am having a problem with LiveFlight on iOS. When I try to move the map it constantly gives me this message

Update: I just uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and the message is still constantly appearing.

I believe @Cameron is doing a bit of maintenance?

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Fixed! Apologies for that, was building something new in the backend and omitted a small error… Should work now :)


So good :)))))) what other apps has infinite flight got @cameron

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Hey Nico,
Check this:



It’s a nice app, but I crashes often. I hope you can fix it? @Cameron

Never crashes here? What device are you on? Jailbroken iPhone 4S? ;)

No, I’m using the iPad 3

Awesome! Can’t wait to download this on my samsu-oh dangit. But honestly for all those iOS users this is a priceless adition, i spend as much time on liveflight nowadays as i do on IF

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