LiveFlight for iOS - now available on the App Store for free!

Hey guys!

If you’ve been following LiveFlight for some time, you’ll have seen that I have been working on a native iOS app that features all the wonderful features from LiveFlight Tracker on the web (and more!) optimised for your iPhone and iPad.

After around 6 months of development, many rounds of beta testing (thanks, team!), loads of design iterations and days spent optimising, I’m happy to announce that LiveFlight for iOS is now available for FREE!


What the app aims to achieve:

The biggest focus for LiveFlight for iOS is performance - it should seem a lot smoother running the native app on an iPad compared to running the website in Safari.

The other aim for this release was to prepare LiveFlight for global flight, which has involved some rewrites to the internal flight sync system that LiveFlight uses.

You’ll notice a brand new Globe feature, similar to Google Earth on your PC. The Globe paved the way for features such as worldwide interactive airport charts, and I plan on adding more features to it in the future so flight tracking your future transatlantic flights will be a breeze.


  • Track aircraft across every Infinite Flight Live server and easily see how busy a region is at a glance.

  • Watch aircraft move in real time on a flat map or on a beautiful, three-dimensional globe.

  • See key statistics about a flight, including its speed, altitude, aircraft and livery, past trajectory and flight plan.

  • Compare pilot stats, including grade, violations, number of ghosts and more.

  • Explore airports around the world and get real-time ATC and weather updates.

  • Immerse yourself in fully-interactive airport charts, featuring accurately-depicted taxiway lines, ramps, runways and gates.

  • Search for flights, airports and active controllers around the world.

  • Realistic aircraft icons – easily distinguish different aircraft types and moderators and developers.

  • Share your flight’s location with your friends and open links from in the app.

LiveFlight Horizon:

LiveFlight is an optional subscription to get access to many exclusive features and to help support development! A Horizon subscription can be purchased either in the app (which allows you to pay with any accepted Apple payment method, including gift cards!) or on the website.

Horizon gives you access to the globe, search, realistic airport icons, interactive airport charts and more on the iOS app, as well as the same great features (including KML file downloads) on the web version! A LiveFlight Horizon subscription also works on all of your devices, so you can pay once and use everywhere.

You may notice that the price for purchasing Horizon is $2.99 for 1 month in the iOS app. Unfortunately, when handling payments via the App Store, Apple take a 30-40% commission of each sale (depending on currency exchange and other factors). In addition to this, maintaining LiveFlight involves a substantial cost (of both time and money) for me, which is why I had to increase the price slightly.

Horizon is still available for $1.99 / month when purchased on the web version, and there are no plans on changing this. In addition, I received a few requests for a yearly subscription option - a 1 year subscription is available in the iOS app, and coming soon to the web app.

Enough talk! I want to download it!

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It’s completely free to download and use. If you enjoy it, please consider purchasing a Horizon subscription and leaving a nice review on the App Store :)

Really looking forward to hearing what you guys think of it!



Android app?

I get asked this a lot… I’d love to, but I don’t have the time or resources to do so at this time, sorry. Check out Val’s Infinite Tracker, just as awesome!

Why the adverts?

I like offering free apps, I think it’s the least I could do for such a supportive community. Unfortunately, LiveFlight has also taken an awful long time to build, as well as a lot of my free time spent keeping the server running, helping people out, etc.

I need to be able to cover my costs. They’re a small trade off for keeping the app free and for keeping me happy. Of course, if you want to make me even happier, consider buying a Horizon subscription :)

What requirements does the app need?

As long as you have a device that’s running at least iOS 9.0, the app will work nicely. I’ve tested on iPad Mini (1st gen) and iPhone 4S - these are the oldest devices it can run on, and it works fairly well.

There are some options in the Settings page to improve performance if you’re having difficulty.

Does this release solve xx issue in LiveFlight Connect?

The iOS app is completely separate from Connect on PC/Mac - if you’re having issues with a particular joystick, contact me and I’ll see what I can do to help.

What did you build the app in?

Nice question! I’ve discussed this on FlightCast a few times before. The iOS app is built in about 95% Swift (an awesome language, so much fun) with some lower-level parts in Objective-C. The backend (which handles all the connections, getting flight and airport data, etc.) is built in Python.

I love the app! Is there anything I can do to help?

Thanks :) Consider leaving a nice review on the App Store and sharing the app with your Infinite Flight co-pilots!

If something is missing here, check out our Help site where you should find loads more info.

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Yes!! Amazing work, Cam! Can’t wait to get my hands on this!


Hope you enjoy it! :)


First download <:


Nice work, getting it now!

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I can confirm that, yep :)


Excellent work @Cameron

Getting this now!


Finished downloading it!


Awesome, last thing I need is an iOS device!

I’m sure it’s just as awesome as everything else you did so far, telling by the pictures and the time you put into it. And now that it’s finished, you can finally have a look at SPJL :P. Jk, take your time.


Is it free?


No it’s $999.99 without tax :|


Outstanding job Cameron!

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Awesome! I’ll download it on my iPad now ;)

Thanks Cam for this amazing app! I won’t need to open LiveFlight via web anymore ;)

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That was the aim - eventually, you should be able to open the web version and go to a specific flight in the iOS app with one tap :)

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Nope, sorry Seb.


Free could mean “three” for Seb… hmm


Three million dollars.


Much quicker to access and smoother than the already awesome web version. Briliant work, Thanks Cam👍

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Amazing week for IF ! Isn’t it ?