LiveFlight Flight Tracking Map not working?

Hello, I encountered an issue in my laptop and iPad in which LiveFlight (afaik not the connect one) has an unusual error. I apologize for not being a tech geek but the word “forbidden” makes me paranoid of being hacked or being banned for using it. In my laptop on the other hand, it redirected me into another site in which I have to tick if I am a robot or not. Then an error code appeared (which I have no idea how to fix or understand lmao). It was so unusual that I haven’t encountered this in my a year of using it.

I tried looking around the forum for any duplicate topics, but all I found is LiveFlight Connect (which I don’t use and am not familiar of what it is). My issue is about the Flight Tracking app/website, not the joystick connection issue.

I was just wondering if its happening to some of you too. I am scared that my device is hacked or am being banned. Any answer or clarifications would help me a lot. If I have done anything wrong, I apologize. Also, sorry for the bad grammar lol. I hope all of you have a nice day!

Here are the photos:

Screenshot (417)

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Hey, are you using a VPN?

Hello, no i don’t use any.

I would try and use one in this case, or try and use another network. Your IP is being flagged for some reason and it isn’t allowing the app to work properly

Alright, I’ll try to use a VPN and see if it works. Thanks @Cameron for offering a solution!

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