LiveFlight Easter Egg?

I was tracking my own flight on LiveFlight, when this weird thing happened to me. It began showing my flight, a UPS 747-8F, as experimental, prototype military aircraft that aren’t implemented in Infinite Flight and never really “took off” in real life. These seemed to differ depending on the device I was tracking the flight on. On this one, for example:

Flight stats:

And on another device, sorry for the image quality:

Flight stats:

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Nice catch! However, this photo pops up in Liveflight because it does not recognize the livery.


Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks!

I believe those are just placeholders for different aircraft that have been updated (or updated liveries), that haven’t been put in yet


Yeah, just figured that out lol

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Sometimes that is the developmental aircraft too. Who knows that could be the E175.

@Tucker_Ryan you are correct, sometimes you will see a developer flying an “unknown” aircraft and because Liveflight doesn’t know that it is in game it will display these photos. Keep in mind the OP was tracking himself.

Had this happen when I first tried out the UPS 747 it was funny to see

Oh that’s awkward I didn’t actually read the first post…

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