LiveFlight destination problem

So right now i’m flying EWR to SINGAPORE. and on liveflight it has said (Flying VFR) for about 2 hours and i have the airport as a waypoint.

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Hmm, maybe try and restart your device.

The one i’m tracking on?

Well, yeah. Also, can you tell me what callsign you are and the server you’re on? I might try and track your flight to see whether it’s saying the same for me.

Training and my callsign is C-HRIS , Username is IFC - PilotCSG

I believe this will send you to me

It is saying that you do not have a flight plan set. Try setting the destination airport multiple times. Might work.

Perhaps this problem is caused by caching, please try to restart the app. Or you can try to use map-flight lol: