LiveFlight destination not set

Hello! I don’t know why but i purchased a liveFlight horizon and after that this happened

Whys is it saying (not set) and no progress

LiveFlight is sometimes a bit weird when it comes to flight plans…

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it will depend on the server that this one, for example if it is on the training server, some users may not have a specific flight plan and therefore can not see them. or it can also be a mistake …
Does this happen with other users?

Yep when i click other planes /users same result

LiveFlight has always problems with flight plans. They should do something with that.

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How can i fix it?? The alarm isint working either the one where you need horizon

I mean you could try to contact a developer?🤷‍♂️

I’m pretty sure Cameron has something to do with it

Sure thank you

How to contact them btw sorry

Hey there! Could you try to modify your flight plan slightly (i.e. by adding or removing a waypoint)? This should trigger a reset of your flight plan on the LiveFlight servers. If this fails, please contact LiveFlight with your callsign and a link to your flight on the website so they can have a closer look into it! You can easily contact them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email. :)

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You would just put an @ in front of Cameron in a post, don’t want to do it know since I don’t personally have an issue😉

Hey, sorry about that! What server was this on?

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I also experienced this problem both times I flew this week. Adding and removing a waypoint did not work. I was flying on Expert.

It was training server : )

I’ve reset the flight plan sync as it sometimes solves random errors like these - could you let me know if you’re still seeing it? Cheers!


Hello! Everything is working fine now thank you : )

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Hi Cameron,

I am also having the same issue of destination not shown as well as waypoints.

I had send email as well as Facebook message.

Can you please help resolve this.

Thank you.

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