LiveFlight deleted my Horizon

I closed out the Live Flight IOS App so it would not drain the battery. I opened back into the app and log in and said no subscriptions found! It just deleted my Horizon subscription! What should I do?

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PM @Cameron, and if all else fails, sue him.


Can you delete your subscription from the app?

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Are you still logged in??

@Cameron plz

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This sometimes happens to me if I don’t log out of the app before leaving. This may seem like a silly question but have you tried verifying your email and logging back in?


Yes, Cameron needs to give me my money back

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That his old user.


Hang tight partner, let’s give Cam a chance to take a look at this and see what’s going on.


Have you updated to version 1.0.1 (released yesterday on the App Store)?

As per LiveFlight’s terms and conditions, I don’t handle or provide refunds. I’ll gladly look into getting this working for you, though.


A perfect example to read the fine print. lol

Im sorry, I had too :p

Cameron will get this fixed, don’t worry :)

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Actually I did not update the app, sorry


Is it back?

This isn’t uncommon when it comes to apps, especially subscriptions. I would recommend simply trying to troubleshoot this by logging out and back in, verifying your email, restarting your device, etc.

If that doesn’t work, see if the subscription is there on a desktop browser. Otherwise, take this up with Cameron, I’m sure he’s more than happy to help.

You are supposed to go to here:

Since this is an iOS related issue apple will be able to refund you.

I have updated the app and it still won’t show my subscription. Can you add the subscription back please?

Time to sue him XD


To be honest, I’d much rather people contact me before requesting refunds. I’m all about making a product you guys will love, and I’ll gladly listen to any feedback / do anything to make sure you are happy with LiveFlight Horizon. I’d love to be able to keep on working on LiveFlight for a while, but it’s not too motivating when people are cancelling their subs without at least giving me some feedback :)


I’ll PM you and we can sort this there.


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